Visiting Ancient Houses at Aryo Jeding Site Tulungagung Kediri

Tulungagung Regency, East Java is near Kediri. This city is known for historical attractions, both buildings and historical things which are categorized as cultural heritage objects. Some of the heritages are from Majapahit Kingdom.

One of the sites in Tulungagung Regency is Aryo Jeding Site which is located in Aryo Jeding Village, Rejotangan district. Aryo Jeding Site also known as Nilosuwarno Temple. It is very easy to go to this site. The location is in Jalan Rejotangan – Ngunut.

It is said that Aryo Jeding Site is petilasan Kadipaten Aryo Blitar, in Adipati Ki Ageng Nilasuwarno government. This site is called Nilosuwarno Temple. There is no exact date when this site was found because this discovery happens gradually.

Now Aryo Jeding Site is only a pile of stones. In 1965, there is natural disaster that make the site damaged. Local residents did not really know how the original form of this building.

Classic Houses

Balai Pelestarian Benda Cagar Budaya (BPCB) Triwulan in Tulungagung and Trenggalek also did a restoration and talk it to the government, but there is no news about that.

Besides stones, local residents also find antefik, arca, kala, umpak, and yoni. These historic stones are made of limestone. Antefik is a decorative part of the temple which has sharp shape.

There is a sculpture of a giant face, usually located above the doorway to the door of the temple. Yoni is a symbol of the goddess Dewi Parwat from the god Siwa. Based on the existence of yoni, it is said that the religious background of this site is Hindu. Around Aryo Jeding Site, there is also a grave of Ki Ageng Sengguruh, who is a substitute of Nilosuwarno.

Although the condition of the temple is concerned, such as protect this site with fences so that the heritage will not be stolen by people. Aryo Jeding Site has various historical heritages.

Outside the fence site near Brantas River, you can find various ancient structures that are still buried in ancient wells and broken pottery. It is said that Aryo Jeding Site became an ancient settlement area. So it is worth to visit historical lovers.