Tungku Fried Rice, the Culinary Tour that Must be Tried when Visiting Kediri

Kediri in East Java Province has a complete culinary wealth. One of them is Tungku Fried Rice. In all regions of Indonesia everyone may know the fried rice. This food is one of the most popular foods in Indonesia. However, each region has the special thing of fried rice, in good taste or in serving until how to cook it.

Well, the most famous fried rice in Kediri is Tungku Fried Rice or banana fried rice. Seller of Tungku Fried Rice is present in almost all corners of Kediri.

Starting from Dhoho Street which became the center of culinary tour, Joyoboyo Sport Center area, Panglima Polim Street, Brawijaya Street, Hayam Wuruk Street and many more. All have the same culinary cuisine, Tungku Fried Rice.

Kediri residents usually have their own favorite sellers because so many sellers to be chosen. Special, sellers usually use a wheelbarrow while peddling his wares.

The Uniqueness of Tungku Fried Rice

Kediri Tungku Fried Rice has its own special in cooking techniques. The main thing is fried rice cooked on embers derived from braziers (stoves from clay). The Javanese believe that cooking with fire from charcoal in brazier will make the cooking more delicious because the processed products can ripen perfectly.

The other special thing of Kediri Tungku Fried Rice is, cooked rice per portion. If it is generally in the food trader will cook in unison in large quantities to serve some buyers.

But for the Tungku Fried Rice is always cooked per serving, so the measure of the seasoning is precise and more pervasive. Consequently, buyers have to queue because the process is slower. Especially on holidays the queue of buyers more and more.

The seasonings are actually just like the seasoning of fried rice in general, it is given eggs and chicken meat. Meanwhile, for the level of spiciness is also divided. Like not spicy, slightly spicy and the last is very spicy. It depends on buyer’s taste.

What is the price of one portion? Kediri Tungku Fried Rice is relatively cheap. Starting from Rp 7,000 visitors can already enjoy the delicious Tungku Fried Rice. If travelers want to add more eggs, they could have asked the seller, which later the price of eggs will be added.

Night is the best time to go around Kediri while hunting this fried rice while enjoying the hustle and beauty of the city in Kediri.