Tritis Temple, the Heritage of Majapahit in Tulungagung Kediri

Tulungagung Regency, East Java province has many histories with its heritage. The heritages are some buildings and tools can be found in Tulungagung Regency. Some temples are also can be found in this regency.

One of the temples in Tulungagung is Tritis Temple, which is located in Mount Budek. Tritis Temple is one of the heritages of Majapahit Kingdom, same as other temples which are found in Tulungagung and Kediri Regency.

There are many stories which are related to the existence of Tritis Temple. But until now, there is no evidence about the background or the existence of Tritis Temple.

Place Of Pilgrimage

Tritis Temple is only the statue that remained in that place, that is a female statue with the position of both hands placed on the chest in a position of worship. Unfortunately, the hand has been broken.

Even people often make go to Mount Budek to pray at Temple Tritis. They usually hope to get a blessing, a lover, and healing illness. Besides being a historical attraction, Tikus Temple is often visited for spiritual and religious purposes.

It is said that this location was a swamp named Bonorowo or the vast puddles of water. But there is a small hill that people changed its name to Mountain Budek. Mount Budek is located in 671 above sea level, in Boyolangu district, Tulungagung Regency. The location of Mount Budek and Tritis Temple are really popular these days. Many teenagers visited this place to take pictures and upload it to social media.

To go to Mount Badek, from Alun-Alun Tulungagung go to titik nol crossroad, and then go straight to Tamanan crossroad. After that, go to Pasar Burung Beji crossroad. From there, go straight until Pasar Boyolangu crossroad.

Arrive at the crossroad, go to the south about 500 meters until you find a gas station.. from a gas station, find a minimarket and then there will be an alley which is becoming the parking lot for visitors of Mount Budek. From here, tourists can go to Mount Budek and other historical attractions Tritis Temple with walking.