Throw Back to the History of Kerajaan Kediri in Sumbercangkring Site Kediri

Kediri regency in East Java Province has long history. At the past decades, this regency became the center of kingdom or capital city of ancient kingdom. So, no wonder if this regency hides many historical buildings as the heritages of that ancient kingdom.

The site of Sumbercangkring

At this time, these old sites have received protection in the form of laws on cultural heritage. Even if there is someone who dares to break it, he will get a fine or imprisoned. Besides that, some of these sites already exist have been developed into historical tourism objects.

Among many historical sites in Kendiri Regency, one of areas that has the most historical heritage is located in Sumbercangkring Village, Gurah Sub District. That’s why this area is called Sumbercangkringan Site. There are often found ancient objects that are relics from the XI century to XII AD in this place.

Various artifacts

Some ancient objects or artifacts that have been found on this site include stone umpak, head-shaped ornaments, batu ambang untuk pintu, dwarapala statues, fragments of Ganeha and encrypted bricks and many more.

Seeing many artifacts that were found on the Sumbercangkring Site, a British historian, Nogel Bullought was interested in doing research. He joined the team from BP3 (Archaeological Heritage Conservation Center) in Trowulan, Mojokerto.

The results of this researched made that team feel confident if this site is a place that was the center Kerajaan Kediri Kuno that existed in the XI century. This theory was strengthened by the discovery of Candi Prudung, which is located only about 13 km from the Sumbercangkring site.

From the discovery of this temple, then it can be concluded if Sumbercangkring Site and other historical sites that are located near the Babadan Site have a very close relationship. Both locations were used as a place to worship in Kerajaan Kediri era.

Until now, the record relate to the existence of Sumbercangkring are incomplete. Even thought like that, for historical lovers especially the stories about an ancient empire, this nature tourism destination have high attraction to be visited. So don’t forget to visit this object when visiting Kediri Regency.