The Most Complete Tourism at Mount Klotok Kediri

As one of the natural wealth located in Kediri Regency, East Java Province, Klotok Mountain can be called as one of the mainstay tourist destinations in the district. This is when considering a variety of outdoor activities are diverse for family recreation that travelers can enjoy in the area around the natural attractions.

Klotok Mountain itself is a kind of mountain which is a cluster of Wilis Mountains, East Java. The location is in Pojok Village, Mojoroto District, Kediri, which is not too far from the main mountain that is Mount Wilis. Klotok Mountain has a height of approximately 536 MDPL.

It is said that the name “Klotok” is derived from the word “Kolo” from word malicious and “tok” of words only. It can be interpreted as a dangerous mountain. But, the current conditions just the opposite, this mountain became one of the main destinations of tourists who love to go to vacation in Kediri. From a distance, the natural panorama looks beautiful.

The Attraction of Mount Klotok

Besides suitable for nature lovers to make the climb, Klotok Mountain also has a number of tourism potential that is formed naturally, such as caves. The goal of mountain climbers is usually Puncak Klop where there are inscriptions that show the highest peak of the mountain.

Watu Bengkah is a common peak used for flag raising on Independence Anniversary of Indonesia. If arriving just in the morning on August 17th, the traveler will feel a very serene atmosphere, full of nationalism.

For regular visitors there are at least three caves that can be visited. These caves include Goa Selomangleng, Goa Selobale and Goa Padedean. Traveler can explore natural wealth optimally by visiting the caves.

This is indeed suitable for the resort location. Various activities can also be done by visitors. Moreover, there is also a source of Lo or commonly called Sumber Lo. It is suitable for travelers who want to enjoy the freshness of mountain water.

For visitors who come with family and children, can enjoy the water boom that is preferred by children or other tourism is an educational tour of Airlangga Museum in the outer part before the traveler enters the area of Klotok Mountain.

The area of Klotok Mountain is indeed as one of the main destination family recreation in Kediri and outside the region. Cool air and various supporting infrastructure to make tourists feel at home. So, do not forget to stop at the natural attractions during the holidays in this city.