The Crunchy of Kerupuk Pasir, the Culinary Tour in Bulusari Village Kediri

In Sub Tarokan Kediri Regency, this area is the largest cracker producer in the city of Kediri precisely in the Corner of the Bulusari Village. In fact, the village is called with Kampung Kerupuk. Along the way in this culinary tour will be seen a lot of raw crackers are in the sun. In fact, there is also a football field that is being used for drying crackers.

If a travelers think if Kediri is just famous for Tahu (Tofu), it seems like the traveler should brush aside the assumption. Because in fact Kediri has another culinary tour of sand crackers.

Location culinary tour of Kerupuk Pasir (sand crackers)

In the village of Bulusari, there are approximately 50 families who become entrepreneurs of sand crackers. Sand crackers are also often referred to as “upil” cracker from Bulusari famous for its tasty and delicious, different from other cracker products from other regions.

Choice of souvenirs from Kediri

The main ingredients of these sand crackers are tapioca starch and selected from the best quality, plus the recipe from the family. The color of crackers are using food coloring so it is safe to eat and does not cause negative impact on the health of the body.

Crackers businessmen in this village usually only produce raw crackers. So for every traveler who visit, can choose the cracker as souvenir.

Frying is not done carelessly because it must really use hot sand and sterile. If not, the sand used for frying will be sticky with crackers. Because fried in this sand, this culinary tourism is called sand crackers.

The production of sand crackers from Bulusari Village will be sent throughout East Java and Central Java. If you want to buy sand crackers for souvenirs, traveler can find it in Kediri Square, Yos Sudarso, Patimura Street and other souvenir centers.

In that place a lot of sand crackers with a variety of types that have been fried and packed various types of sizes. Taste is usually offered also ranging from spicy, salty, sweet to the taste of onions. If you want to buy raw, of course the best option is to come directly to the village of Bulusari.

Sand cracker prices are quite diverse. For raw crackers, priced at prices ranging from Rp 8,000 per kilogram. As for fried crackers, have been weighed per gram.

If the traveler does not want to fry, it is better to buy crackers that have been cooked and just enjoyed, compared with buying raw, and should be fried using sand at home.