The Best Photo Spot In Agro Margomulyo Park Kediri

Flower garden tourism object that is filled with spots of photo instagenic in East Java has been synonymous with Malang Regency and Batu City. Though, there are still some areas that also have a natural tourist attraction with a view no less captivating. One of them is Taman Agro Margomulyo Kediri.Opened to the public in 2016, this agro-tourism immediately attracted the attention of many travelers, especially young children who like self-portraits. Taman Agro Margomulyo is like a large photo studio, decorated with beautiful flower gardens and instagenic photo spots.

What is Agro Margomulyo Park Kediri?

In the area of 4 hectares, Agro Margomulyo park which administratively entered the village of Sugihwaras, Ngancar district, Kediri district. Spread out in the foot of Mount Kelud and become part of the tourist area of Mount Kelud.Because it is located in Gunung Kelud Tourism area, traveler coming from Kediri direction, can walk down the road to Wates. Being coming from Surabaya can take the road leading to Jombang, proceed to Pare until arriving at Wates.Arriving in the District Wates, will find a number of signposts at various corners of the road, so it will not be difficult to get to the location of the attraction and will not get lost even if it does not bring the floor plan and do not activate GPS on the smartphone screen.Once arrived at the location, in addition to cool air and tend to cool, visitors will be greeted by a tall figure of a cow-headed human figure called Lembo Suro.

Hunting Photo at Agro Margomulyo Park

The beauty of the garden with a variety of flowers so the main treat given Agro Margomulyo Park to traveler. The parks are divided into several areas and each area is planted with the same type of flowers.

The beauty of the flower garden can be enjoyed by walking around from one park to another park or while sitting in a number of gazebo in some corners of the area. The beautiful flowers in the gardens are certainly not only to be seen. But it also used as a photo background.

Not only the flower garden is interesting to be a photo spot, but also a number of ornaments are deliberately built for visitors who like to take pictures with the background spot-spot instagramable.

Some spot photographs are in the form of I ♥ U and heart symbols, lawn chairs, swings, hammocks, lantern-filled areas. In addition, the area is decorated with colorful umbrellas and some spots that are also very beautiful.

Because so many interesting photo spots that exist in the nature tourism Agro Margomulyo Kediri, then before coming do not forget to prepare the camera.