The Beauty of Nature Tourism Taman Hijau SLG Kediri

Kediri, maybe the name of this town is not so familiar. But slowly and surely, Kediri who has the nickname Tofu City is trying to develop some tourist attractions. It cannot be separated from the government’s efforts to introduce diversity Kediri, especially in the tourism sector in the eyes of Indonesia and even the world.

During this time, the thing that makes the traveler know Kediri is the natural attractions of Mount Kelud. Especially when a few years ago there was an eruption with almost the impact of the entire area of Java Island to NTT. However, as time passes, Kediri not only has the Kelud Mountain tour, but there are many tours in it.

For tourists who bring baby, no need to worry because in this destination there is a water pistons that can make children love it.

The Location of Taman Hijau SLG

When go to Kediri, one of the new tours that you must visit is Taman Hijau SLG or Simpang Lima Gumul. Taman Hijau location is not far from the monument Simpang Lima Gumul Park which became the pride of Kediri residents. You can go to Taman Hijau with your family, friends and partner.

Taman Hijau is located in South Depo and Taman Kereta Api. Precisely in Jalan Raya Kediri – Plosoklaten 163, Sukorejo, Ngasem, Kediri, East Java. The access is very easy. When starting the journey from Malang, take the path to Kediri and head straight to SLG. When from the direction of Surabaya, immediately drive the vehicle to Jombang, then Kediri and go to the monument of Simpang Lima Gumul.

Photo Spot Instagramable

In an age of social media, it seems incomplete if you do not take pictures in this beautiful place. When the traveler wants to take pictures, no need to worry because in Taman Hijau SLG, there are many interesting spots that can be used as a photo object.

The interesting spot in Taman Hijau is an old-time locomotive train. Not only that, there is also a small river that flows between this parks. If you intend to come to this place to hunt for photos, do not forget to bring a camera and a tripod to take a good pictures.

Entrance Ticket Fee of Taman Hijau SLG

To enter and enjoy all the beauty in Taman Hijau SLG, the traveler does not have to pay the fee, aka free. Visitors are only charged for a parking fee Rp 3,000 for motorcycle and Rp 5.000 for a car. So, what are you waiting for? Let’s visit the natural attractions of Taman Hijau SLG Kediri.