Sumber Ubalan Kediri, The Most Beautiful Ancient Lake Without Mystic

This natural tourism object is actually a protected forest area of 10 hectares and the location in Jarak Village, Plosoklaten, Kediri, East Java Province. Inside the forest there is a spring called Sumber Ubalan. Once developed into an entertainment area and family tourism, often Called Ubalan Park or Taman Ubalan.

Between Myth And Mystical Aroma

Sumber Ubalan filled with myths and mystical fragrances. According to the legend story that developed in the resident, there was a young man named Jaka Gendam. He likes to gamble and one day manages to be a winner when gambling with a Duke.

With his victory, Jaka Gendam asked the duke to give his wife as a gift. Of course this request was rejected by the Duke. However, Jaka Gendam still desperate to kidnap the Duke’s wife.

In the end, Jaka Gendam and Duke’s wife decided to jump in the lake. Once used as a place of suicide by the couple, the lake water directly mubal which means teris coming out from the lake. Since then, the lake is named Sumber Ubalan or Ubalan Lake.

In connection with the story of this mythical legend, many people who make the Ubalan Lake as a place to find luck or pesugihan. Some even believe that Ubalan Lake is the best location to launch business or commercial activities.

Removal of the mystical aroma

Knowing Ubalan Lake is often used to perform mystical activities, the local government finally took a major action. Especially when they realize that the area is very feasible and have high potential to be a family attraction.

Before it was completely restored, many residents did not have the courage to find or fishing in Sumber Ubalan. This fear stems from the myth that anyone who dares to bring home the fish from the lake, will be death.

By Kediri regency government, this myth is immediately eliminated by making a fishing pond in Sumber Ubalan area. However, the authenticity of the lake water is kept unchanged unless trimmed in order to look beautiful.

They also built various rides such as swimming pools, special playground children, camping ground or campground, entertainment stage and many more. So, in a short time, these natural attractions directly transformed into Kediri residents primadona and other cities.

Moreover, the atmosphere is very cool, filled with shade from various trees that flourish. The concept is very neat. The natural attractions Sumber Ubalan Kediri is the most suitable place for vacation and recreation with family.