Spending Weekend In Pagoral Swimming Pool Kediri

Looking for unique places and fun to spend time on the weekend is not easy. Not always in the form of a shopping center only, but you can also find simple places to enjoy it, Pagora swimming pool in Kediri can be your choice. Visiting tourist attractions such as swimming pool until now still to be the best decision. Swimming pool of Pagora Kediri always be the best choice to enjoy a holiday at the weekend. Therefore, this pool tour is always crowded on weekends or during the holiday season. In order to make your holiday will be fun, let’s read a little bit information of Pagora swimming pool in Kediri.

The General Information

One of the best swimming pools in Kediri has long been a family tourist attraction. Even when the holiday season comes, certainly many people from both inside the city and not visit this pool. Not only presents the pool only, there are various kinds of tourist activities that can be enjoyed. Tourist attractions such as swimming pool certainly provide a different experience like other tourist attractions. Therefore, the swimming pool of Pagora Kediri has attracted many people to go there. Pagora swimming pool park was established since 1963 which at that time was initiated by Soekertijo. Until now Pagora pool is still preserved as a natural family’s destination.

The Facilities

You can still enjoy the best facilities in Pagora Kediri swimming pool where there is an interesting spot with a fresh situation. Moreover, there are some additions such as fishing ponds, rabbit trains, duck boats, bath balls, and other facilities. Even you can still enjoy a dish of places to eat around the pool complete with a dish of traditional menu Kediri. The price of admission is also relatively cheap which is about Rp. 6000 – Rp.9000 just for adults. Then for the children can be approximately Rp. 4000 – Rp.6000.

The Location

Pagora swimming pool is located at Jalan Jenderal Ahman Yani number 123, Banjaran Village, Kediri District, Kediri Regency, East Java. Pagora swimming pool destination can be accessed using private transportation both car and motorcycle, making it easier for travelers to reach the destination. Cool atmosphere in the pool Pagora Kediri always be felt. So, for lovers have to try to come this tourism attraction that has become the landmark of Kediri.