Sendang Kamandanu, Heritage Site of Kediri Kingdom

Kediri City is well known with its historical relics. Remember in the past, there is standing one of the kingdom is quite famous that called Kediri Kingdom. One not to be missed by tourists, especially historical enthusiasts, is the Sendang Kamandanu site.

Same with kingdoms in the archipelago, one of the buildings that often exist in the royal area is the location of baths or patirtan, which is usually used members of the royal family to relax, play water.Kediri Kingdom has this patirtan name Sendang Kamandanu. This location also has a function as keputren. The meaning of keputren is the special location of members of the royal family of princess as well as the playground of the princesses.

The Location

Sendang Kamandanu is located in the village of Menang, District of Pagu, Kediri. Location of historical attractions is not so far from other Kediri Kingdom relics sites, namely Pamuksan Site Sri Aji Jayabaya, King of Kediri Kingdom famous.Sendang Kamandanu is about 200 meters from the site where King Jayabaya muksa. Muksa is a concept in Hinduism and Buddhism, where one unleashes the bond with the earthly or purnabawa life. The layman’s language is dead but not leaving the body.


Sendang Kamandanu has been the location of playing the daughter of King Jayabaya.Exactly not known when Sendang Kamandanu was found. However, managers of the area began to build this area since 1983 as a historical tourist attraction.

Sendang has a water source that is believed to be able to cure various diseases. In addition it is usually also used for visitors to wash, before entering the site Pamuksan Sri Aji Jayabaya.

The purpose of the washing can be a bath but there is just a wash of feet and hands, just before doing pilgrimage to the site Pamuksan Sri Aji Jayabaya. Not infrequently there are some visitors also bring water back from Sendang Kamandanu.

In the area of Sendang Kamandanu, there are also some plants that are said to be a source of treatment, such as pule root tree, adhem ati to mengkudu. Beyond the mystical and beliefs of the local people, this plant property is said to be the healing factor of sick people, considering this plant directly in contact with water in Sendang Kamandanu.

In addition to local residents and tourists, visitors who often come to this area are important people of Indonesia. They are said to want to be blessed, especially for their careers to be more successful. Beyond the mystical problem, a trip to Sendang Kamandanu will add a treasure of historical knowledge for the traveler to the existence of the kingdoms that once existed in Indonesia.