Sagon Cake, a Cake from Tulungagung Regency

When you go to Tulungagung Regency and Kediri, East Java, travelers will find various historical attractions which make travelers know about the history in the past. After traveling around Tulungagung, don’t forget to buy souvenirs from Tulungagung. One of the souvenirs in Tulungagung is Sagon cake.

Sagon cake can be found in various place in Indonesia, but the taste of Sagon cake from Tulungagung is must be tasted. Every traveler always goes to Tulungagung and find Sagon cake. Sagon cake is small with simple packaging make Sagon cake chosen as souvenirs.

Sweet and Savory Taste

Sagon cake has a sweet and savory taste. Sagon cake from Tulungagung and Kediri use coconut as the main ingredient which mixed with sticky rice flour, sago starch, and starch flour.

Shredded coconut is roasted until it brings the scent that also makes this cake more attractive to food lovers. Then the coconut is mixed with the dough of sticky rice flour. Basically, it has the same taste, how to enjoy it differently and this depends on taste.

Sagon cake is sold Rp 20.000 per pack. However, sago cake has a flat and rolled shape usually served and ready to eat. The crispy sensation often makes people crazy about this cake.

In Tulungagung, Sagon cake can be found in several food stalls and souvenir shops. In Jl. Pangeran Antasari, there is a popular souvenir shop which selling Sagon cake. Usually, Sagon cake is also often become a food to be served during Lebaran in Tulungagung and Kediri.