Religious Tourism to the Tomb of Gus Miek

Tourism Religion enthusiasts are almost the same as ordinary tours while on vacation. One of the most popular religious tourism, especially in Kediri is a visit to the tomb of a former President named KH. Abdurrahman Wahid, located in the Tebu Ireng Islamic Boarding School. The grave of KH or commonly known as Gus Miek has pilgrimages that have been increasing every year. Therefore, the tomb becomes one of the famous tombs as a destination for religious tourism when you visit Kediri.

Religious Tourism to Former President KH. Abdurrahman Wahid

Grave of Gus Miek / KH. Abdurrahman Wahid

Pilgrims who visit to the tomb usually come from Indonesia and various regions. Pilgrims also come with groups of car or bus. The arrival was also not in a certain time, but usually someone arrived late at night. But pilgrims will still be allowed to enter the Gus Miek tomb. At the Tebu Ireng pondic location, the entrance to the meal is closed before sunset. After isha, the door will be reopened. That way, the pilgrims can go to the tomb and freely to pray and sit. Gus Miek was buried by the founder of the Islamic organization Nahdalatul Ulama. There is a father who being national figure, a number of kyai and families who have been buried in 1 location.

Facility Development

Many pilgrims always coming, the pesantren finally made a policy. One of them is in the arrangement of the parking, the location of the parking was at the edge of the highway and the traffic flow became stagnant. The parking location has been made, precisely in the western part of Pondok. Being able to accommodate buses up to tens and pilgrims can walk to the not-so-far cottage.

There are other policies on places religious tourism by arranging the area around the tomb. The stalls built to sell fish. Whereas the products sold must have basic fish ingredients, because this building was built because of the assistance from the KKP or the Ministry of Maritime Affairs and Fisheries. With the construction of facilities, it is also able to turn the wheels of the economy of the people who are around the cottage.