Recognizing the National Hero Prof. DR. Moestopo from Kediri

As the country that had ever been colonized, Indonesia has many national heroes. They come from various regions in Indonesia. One of them is Prof. DR. Moestopo who come from Kediri Regency, East Java Province. He was born in Ngadiluwih Village on July 13 1913.

By Indonesian Government, he becomes national hero on November 9 2007. He known as a figure who very homely and passed away in Bandung, West Java on September 26 1986.

Youth history

After completing his secondary education in Kediri Regency, then he decided to go to Surabaya and studied a School of Dentistry in that city. When Japan occupied Indonesia, Moetopo was arrested but later appointed as a dentist by the Japanese army.

No longer then he joined with PETA (Pembela Tanah Air) and had role as command. Since that time his position was increased became Komandan Pasukan Api and had duty in Surabaya.

When Indonesia proclaiming as an independent nation on August 17, 1945, Moestopo succeed to disarm the Japanese army. Then on revolution era and the war of independence, Moestopo negotiated with the British and firmly refused their arrival in this country.

After the war of independence

When the war of independence was over, Moestopo got duty in Jakarta and had position as one of leader in Angkatan Darat Hospital or nowadays it is called RSPAD Gatot Subroto.

Several years later, he built the center of dentistry education that called Dr. moestopo Gigi College. This educational institution developed very well even on 1961 it succesed its status became a university.

Not only engaged in military, medicine and education, Prof. DR. Moestopo was also very active in social activities. He had once intensified an activity called reklasering. The main purpose of this activity is to rehabilitate former prisoners who imprisoned. Through these activities, former prisoners can be better to prepare and back to normal life in the community.

Related to his career and achievements that have been inscribed, in addition to be appointed as a national hero Prof. DR. Moestopo also often gets various awards. These awards come from abroad such as from Germany, Yugoslovakia and so on. That’s why this historical figure has always been a figure of pride of Kediri.