Pohsarang Church as Beautiful Spiritual Tourism in Kediri, East Java

Kediri has many unique tourism objects. One of the spiritual attractions that must be visited is Pohsarang. Pohsarang is a village famous for its religious tourism at the foot of Mount Wilis.

This place has an interesting charm because there is the oldest Catholic Church in the Southeast Asia region and a replica of the Cave of Maria Lourdes. Therefore, it is a pity if you are on a holiday in Kediri but do not take the time to religious tourism on this one.

In the Pohsarang Church, a traveler can find a statue of Jesus carved so delicately and beautifully. This statue is placed in front of the church. Whereas in the St Maria stone gate, there is a Mary statue shaded by a roof like a typical Minangkabau building.

Within the church complex there is also a cross road built around a hill and decorated with shady trees. The statue of Maria here has a height of 4 meters, looks very grand and holy.

Photo hunting

When you have finished worshiping, the traveler can hunt for the latest photos with friends and family. Choose cool photo spots. But when you are busy taking pictures, the traveler must keep paying attention to the people who are doing worship.

Do not let those who are doing the rituals of worship be interrupted. In addition, if you want to take pictures of those who worship, it is better to ask permission first, because it could be that they are uncomfortable when used as objects of shooting.

Facilities and accommodation

Pohsarang Church has good supporting facilities when compared to other places. This facility has a purpose so that tourists feel comfortable when visiting this spiritual tourist attraction. There is parking for 2-wheeled vehicles and 4 wheels. There is also a resting place that can be used to remove fatigue after a tired walk. Do not forget, there are toilets that spread in various corners of the location for visitors who want to urinate.

Then if you want to find lunch or a snack, you don’t have to go all the way because there are many people around the Pohsarang Church who open food stalls and sell food. There are also various souvenirs that can be bought and used as souvenirs.

Location access

Road access to the Pohsarang Church is quite easy. A traveler can walk along Argowilis which is the fastest route. If you are still confused, a traveler can use the features in Google Map or ask the surrounding community. This church is very famous and almost every resident knows its location.