Pleasant Walks to Gerak Waru Turi Dam in Kediri East Java

The existence of Indonesia’s dam or reservoir is usually not only has a function for flood control, hydroelectricity, or as a source of agricultural irrigation. But more than that, the dam often gives side effects, which has the potential as a nature tourist object.

The same thing happens when a traveler walks to Kediri, located in East Java Province. There is Gerak Waru Turi dam which is currently one of the recreational destinations of Kediri residents as well as travelers out of the region. Gerak Waru Turi Dam is located in the Village Gampingrejo, Kediri. It is about 10 kilometers from the downtown.

This dam is one of the alternative tourist icons in the city. During weekends and holidays, many people choose Gerak Waru Turi Dam as a location to relax with family or friends.

Tourism Rides

Different with the dams in general, Gerak Weru Dam has a length of 159.80 meters x 74.50 m. Generally people come here for fishing because the dam that controls Brantas River water is very rich in fish.

However, besides for fishing, residents or visitors can also play water on rides that is a pool of water. In addition there are also caged deer and other playgrounds. The pleasant holiday atmosphere will always be felt in this location.

Nowadays taking pictures underwater is popular. Well, that activity can also be done in a swimming pool in Gerak Waru Turi Dam. In addition to taking pictures in the water, travelers can take pictures around the dam that has a very nice panorama.

The access to location

To go to Gerak Waru Turi Dam is actually quite easy. If from Kediri, then travelers can access Kertosono-Kediri Street. This is the easiest location to get to the dam.

Meanwhile, the alternative route can be through Pamenang Street. By using public transport travelers can stop at the location closest to the dam. Then continue the travel with a motorcycle taxi or even when stopping at the closest location can walk to the location.

The easiest way is to use a private vehicle. At the location of the dam is available parking area is quite wide. Then to get in and enjoy the existing rides, visitors are charged with a ticket only Rp 11,000 per person.