Kethek Ogleng Art in Kediri, East Java

Kethek Ogleng art usually appear in several festival events. Included in one of the traditional dances from Kediri and has a movement that steps to imitate the legs of an ape. In each dance performance, there will be 4 dancers. 3 female dancers and male dancers only 1 person. Similar to other cities or regions in Indonesia, Kediri also has a distinctive dance. Not only is it famous for its many natural attractions, but also culinary, artistic and cultural tours.

Kethek Ogleng Art in Kediri

Kethek Ogleng in Kediri

Initially the Ketlek Ogleng dance was often danced by villagers in Tokawi, Nawang. Then the scene or dance will tell the love relationship of Dewi Sekartaji with Raden Asmorobangun. Kethek Ogleng dance will begin with the entry of a female dancer first on the stage. Then there will be 2 to 3 women who act as maids. Where other dancers will play the role of Dewi Sekartaji or daughter of the kingdom of Jenggala. Then male dancers will play the role of Panji Asmorobangun from Dhaha Kediri.

Purpose of the Ogleng Kethek Dance Movement

In the Kethek Ogleng dance or art movement, the story is illustrated. The entry of ape humans into the stage and meeting Endang Rara Tompe who is Dewi Sekartaji in disguise. In the movement apes is roll and jump. Describes a friendship that is very familiar. While at the end of the dance, Endang Rara Tompe will climb ape humans and end up united. Both ladies will embrace the body of Dewi Sekartaji.

Kethek Ogleng Story

From the existing folklore, the love story of Dewi Sekartaji with Panji Asmorobangun is not sanctioned by Dewi Sekartaji’s father. Because the father has the desire to marry Dewi to the man he has chosen. Then Dewi Sekartaji knew about it and left the kingdom without anyone’s know. Dewi finally left the kingdom at night with her maiden to the west and the news was known by Panji Asmorobangun. In the middle of the trip, Raden Panji then met the pastor and suggested going west. Disguised by the figure of an ape so as not to be caught.