A Fun Rafting in Kandangan River, Kediri Regency East Java Province

One of natural tourism activities that popular among youth is rafting. Indonesia has many rivers in its regions so that no wonder that this adventure tour can develop quickly.

In Kediri Regency, East Java Province there is a natural tourism activity. It is rafting in Kandangan River. This natural tourism is located in strategic location. It is located in Kandangan sub district, Kediri regency. Its access is also easy to be reached from many regions like from Malang, Kediri, Jombang, Surabaya, and Mojokerto.

In Kandangan River there are many operators that ready to give good service like guide the travelers to enjoy the beauty of Kandangan River. Wading river with country atmosphere will create fun activity this thing that offered from natural tourism in Kandangan River.

The attractiveness

Some interesting things will be found are an Jembatan Purba until slither on Songgo Utang. Besides when pass the quiet and flat river flow the travelers will be invited to enjoy the journey with bamboo boat or bamboo rafting. During the journey the travelers will get snacks.

The other interesting activity is water tubing or river boarding activity. For the track, the travelers will enjoy the journey along 11,6 kilometer that divided into three trips. The travelers will pass Jeram Pring Rambut, Jeram Ngepot, and Area Goa Pohon.

Besides there are also Jembatan Purba, Dam Songgo Utang, Lembah Damai until enjoying Pengkolan Antri, Jeram Sentoloyo in the other regions of the world. Then the travelers will also pass Grojogan Limo, Deep Canyoon until Jurasik Park.

On every cut of river the travelers will see different scenery. The water conditions until rapids are different. These things exactly will increase the excitement.

The water discharge of Kandangan River is relatively small then rafting activity is safe for the beginner. Besides before doing rafting the guide will give instructions.

For one boat is usually used minimum 5 persons. The package price that offered is affordable. It is only Rp. 100.000 per person. It would be better if the travelers visit this place in a group because the minimum quota of this trip is for 5 persons.