The Excitement of Enjoying Delicious Bakso Barokah 313 in Kediri

If the travelers want to explore historical tourism objects, Kediri is the center of historical tourism objects because at that time there was Kerajaan Kediri in here. So, this city is very suitable as the place to explore its historical value.

After feeling tired explored the historical sites then the travelers will feel hungry. Talking about hungry there is a culinary place that must be visited when the travelers in Kediri. That culinary is Bakso Barokah 313. This culinary is very delicious and incomparable.

This culinary is located at Letjend. Suprapto Street Number 107/55, Kediri. Even though it is just a simple food stall but the place is quite big. Especially in the night the atmosphere will feel more bright because there are many lamps in this place. Its location is also strategic, so it is very easy to be found.

The favorite menu

Like its name, Bakso 313 provides its favorite menu that is bakso or meatball. If it is compared with other bakso in Kediri, Bakso 313 has special taste.

The first is the place of this food stall is not only big but also always tidy and clean. So, each of the travelers who visit this food stall will always feel comfortable.

There are sambal and sauce on the each table so the visitor’s don’t need to ask to the waiters.

Moreover the managers of this food stall always give quick service in order to make the visitors feel satisfied. They also look friendly with each visitor.

The deliciousness

The main menu of this food stall is very loved by bakso lovers. Because the bakso in this food stall is popular because of its deliciousness. Even there are some people that said if the deliciousness of this food feels until in the deep heart.

Especially the price is very reasonable, so no wonder if this food stall is very popular and always crowded by many visitors.