Enjoying the Natural Freshness in Parijotho Waterfall in Kediri East Java

One of beautiful tourism nature objects that offered by Kediri regency East Java Province is a waterfall. Kediri’s people find a waterfall that is more beautiful than previous waterfall. This discovery can increase the number of tourism nature object list that offered by this regency.

Its name is Parijotho waterfall. This waterfall is new so that its visitors are not too much. It is located on Pamongan Village, Mojo subdistrict Kediri regency and was found on 2010. If it si compared with other waterfall like Dollo or Irenggolo waterfall, Parijotjo waterfall is more beautiful and attractive.

This waterfall has not complete facilities yet like the access to get here. But the villagers keep trying to develop this location because they think it can increase the economic value for them if this location can be tourism destination.

The attractiveness

So, what is the attractiveness of this waterfall? This waterfall has three levels. Each of level has height approximately 40 meter. The water discharge flow heavily then can create the freshness around its location.

The location of Parijotho waterfall is 5 kilometer from the south of Dolo or Irenggolo waterfall. The travelers must pass forest by walking to get there.

Because of that the villagers are still trying to make an access to get there. For the travelers that using private vehicle can park their vehicle 3 kilometer from location and must walk to continue the journey.

The tiredness will be paid when the travelers arrived in the area of Parijotho waterfall because the travelers will see the beauty of waterfall and feel the fresh air. Because the journey to this waterfall is semi trekking then hopefully the travelers bring foods and drinks before doing this journey.

The easiest access to get the location of this waterfall is from Al Falah Islamic Boarding School that located in Ploso Village Mojo sub district. From this place the travelers can go to the west for about 12 kilometer. After that the travelers can arrive in the waterfall area. It is guaranteed that our eyes will be spoiled with the beauty natural panorama.