Enjoying the Beauty and Exotic of Gunung Budheg in Tulunggung tha Close with Kediri

Tulungagung is regency that located very close with Kediri Regency. There is a nature tourism object that has very beautiful panorama and full of exotica. That nature tourism object is Gunung Budheg or Gunung Cikrak. It is located in Tanggung Village, Sampurdarat sub district, Tulungagung Regency, East Java Province.

This mountain actually is a hill because it does not has crater on its top. Especially its height is only 585 mdpl. It is not too high if compared with other mountains in other regions.

The hiking challenge

Behind its height which is not less than 1 km, Gunung Budhek still has quite extreme challenges. In addition, it is always draining so it requires strong stamina from every adventurer and climber.

To access the location of this moutain the travelers can start from Kediri Regency then go to Tulungagung Regency directly. From here the travelers can go to Boyolangu Subdistrict and soon it would reach Campurdarat Sub District and Tanggung Village.

After that the travelers can park the vehicle in the homes of local people. To enter the Gunung Budhek area, the travelers have to pay the entrance ticket for about IDR 5.000. From the entrance, it will look clearly that the sign board of ‘Gunung Budheg’ which is large and has red color.

Then climbing can be started from a path that is only covered with rocks. In addition to the left and right of the road filled with shrubs. But when the wind blows quite quick, it will smell of Kantil flowers.

For Javanese people kantil flowers are often regarded as sacred flowers or mystical flowers because they are often used as offerings in mystical rituals. Even thought like that the travelers do not need to be afraid because around this area, it grows

kantil flowers at some point.

Increasingly upward, the climbing terrain is increasingly steep. But fortunately on this path there is a webbing strap that can be used as a hand grip so that the body will not slip easily.

The panorama in Gunung Budheg

After arriving on the top of this mountain the tiredness will be paid because the travelers will see very beautiful panorama. When the travelers start the hiking activity in the evening exactly the challenges will feel harder.

But after arriving in the highest part of this mountain, sunrise moment in this object is very wonderful besides there are many travelers who have chance to see the owls who fly to go back at their nest.