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Pondok Pesantren Darussalam Kediri is one of the element of nation education that is born in 1943 M until now.
Info Religy / March 15, 2018
Get into the holiday season, nowadays many travelers want to visit tourist object that different from usual.
Info Religy / March 7, 2018
Kediri apparently also has a religious tour that is so famous. The location is located on Maskumambang Hill or Boncolono Hill.
Info Religy / February 23, 2018
Just like other areas, especially in Central Java and East Java, the location of the Great Mosque of Kediri also adjacent to a large field.
Info Religy / January 13, 2018
Because almost the entire building has red colored, the church is often used as tourist objects of religion and history in Kediri is more often called the Merah Church.
Info Religy / January 5, 2018