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Mount Kelud in Kediri, East Java is one of the tourist attractions that has its own history.
Info Nature / June 21, 2018
Tourist Sunflower Gardens in Kediri are always crowded with tourists.
Info Nature / June 19, 2018
The best tourist attractions are various tourist attractions that always attract visitors. One of them is in the city of Kediri.
Info Nature / June 15, 2018
Kediri has many interesting tourist attractions that you must visit.
Info Nature / June 7, 2018
The Bukit Gandrung Tanggulasi tourist destination in Medowo Village, Kandangan Subdistrict, Kediri Regency has been visited even though it has not been officially opened.
Info Nature / June 1, 2018
Tulungagung is regency that located very close with Kediri Regency. There is a nature tourism object that has very beautiful panorama and full of exotica.
Info Nature / May 27, 2018
Kediri is not the main destination city, but it has fairly a number of tourism objects.
Info Nature / May 5, 2018
Enjoying beautiful natural panorama is not always with expensive way.
Info Nature / April 29, 2018
Tulungagung has various tourism objects which are worth to visit. One of the objects is a beach.
Info Nature / April 19, 2018
For you who love nature, especially the climbers, there is a mount Wilis in Kediri. Have you ever visited this mount before? This is a beautiful natural object spot to be visited.
Info Nature / April 7, 2018