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History & Education
The Simpang Lima Gumul Monument in Kediri, including the icon of Kediri Regency.
History & Education Info / June 25, 2018
Inviting children to recreation is one of the recommended activities.
History & Education Info / June 17, 2018
If your goal is to improve your English skills, then you can come to English villages in Kediri, East Java.
History & Education Info / June 3, 2018
Kediri regency in East Java Province has long history. At the past decades, this regency became the center of kingdom or capital city of ancient kingdom.
History & Education Info / May 29, 2018
Against the arbitrariness must not be done with violence action like fighting. There are other ways to face the injustice.
History & Education Info / May 23, 2018
As the country that had ever been colonized, Indonesia has many national heroes. They come from various regions in Indonesia.
History & Education Info / May 21, 2018
East Java Province became the discovery of ancient and historical objects. One of the locations that often found objects or historic buildings of Kediri and Tulungagung is Wajakensis Museum.
History & Education Info / May 17, 2018
Tulungagung Regency, East Java is near Kediri. This city is known for historical attractions, both buildings and historical things which are categorized as cultural heritage objects.
History & Education Info / May 15, 2018
Tulungagung Regency, East Java province has many histories with its heritage.
History & Education Info / May 13, 2018
Dorok Temple is located in Manggis Village, Puncu district, Kediri Regency, East Java. The location is easy to find.