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Kediri stores delicious culinary tours that are diverse in shape with typical Kediri flavors.
Culinary Info / June 13, 2018
If the travelers want to explore historical tourism objects, Kediri is the center of historical tourism objects because at that time there was Kerajaan Kediri in here.
Culinary Info / May 25, 2018
When you go to Tulungagung Regency and Kediri, East Java, travelers will find various historical attractions which make travelers know about the history in the past.
Culinary Info / May 19, 2018
There is a café in Kediri for you who like to nostalgia about the past that is Kedai Kawan Lama with a new concept to bring the nuance in the past.
Culinary Info / May 7, 2018
The beauty of Europe is always making people happy. A small city in East Java, precisely in Kediri Regency is also making a culinary related to Europe
Culinary Info / May 3, 2018
All this time Dhoho street in Kediri, East Java Province is known as the culinary center.
Culinary Info / April 27, 2018
Kediri is not only known with its culinary tour namely sate bekicot but it also has other culinary potentials which the taste is also delicious namely klepon.
Culinary Info / April 25, 2018
Tulungagung has various culinary. One of the dishes located in Kediri is Sompil. Sompil is a dish from South Tulungagung.
Culinary Info / April 15, 2018
Sate Jamur Atka berlokasi di Desa Nambaan, Ngasem, Kediri. Lokasi Sate Jamur Atka cukup strategis.
Culinary Info / April 11, 2018
Enjoying special culinary meal of a city certainly makes travelers feel crave for buying again or make it.
Culinary Info / April 9, 2018