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Kediri regency in East Java Province has its enchantment for the travelers. It has not only the natural beauty enchantment but also has the deliciousness of its culinary.
Culinary Info / March 19, 2018
Are you know emprit bird? Emprit bird is a bird that always flies in the field area and likes to stealing paddy. Because of that, emprit bird is an enemy for the farmers.
Culinary Info / March 17, 2018
There is no end if we talk about the culinary in Indonesia. Especially bakso. This food becomes a favorite dish all the people in Indonesia. Bakso is experiencing many changes.
Culinary Info / March 11, 2018
Enjoying the culinary tour in other city will be a fun holiday because there are many interesting menus with can be found easily.
Culinary Info / March 9, 2018
In Sub Tarokan Kediri Regency, this area is the largest cracker producer in the city of Kediri precisely in the Corner of the Bulusari Village.
Culinary Info / February 25, 2018
Kediri in East Java Province has a complete culinary wealth. One of them is Tungku Fried Rice.
Culinary Info / February 21, 2018
Tahu or tofu is kind of food that can be found easily in many regions of Indonesia.
Culinary Info / January 17, 2018