One of natural tourism activities that popular among youth is rafting. Indonesia has many rivers in its regions so that no wonder that this adventure tour can develop quickly.
Info Nature / March 27, 2018
In some regions in Java there are many cultures. Sometimes each of regions has similarities of culture including art. For example Kethek Ogleng art.
Art & Culture Info / March 25, 2018
One of beautiful tourism nature objects that offered by Kediri regency East Java Province is a waterfall. Kediri’s people find a waterfall that is more beautiful than previous waterfall.
Info Nature / March 23, 2018
Almost all of areas in Indonesia have their traditional product like textile. Besides Batik, the other traditional craft like Tenun Ikat also has many fans like Batik.
Info Shopping / March 21, 2018
Kediri regency in East Java Province has its enchantment for the travelers. It has not only the natural beauty enchantment but also has the deliciousness of its culinary.
Culinary Info / March 19, 2018
Are you know emprit bird? Emprit bird is a bird that always flies in the field area and likes to stealing paddy. Because of that, emprit bird is an enemy for the farmers.
Culinary Info / March 17, 2018
When visit Kediri, one of the tourism place that the tourists cannot miss is Corah Bath. Corak bath is suitable for the tourists who want to relieve their fatigue after exploring Kediri.
Info Nature / March 15, 2018
Pondok Pesantren Darussalam Kediri is one of the element of nation education that is born in 1943 M until now.
Info Religy / March 15, 2018
If you want to visit the tourism object in Kediri, one of the places that tourism can visit is Situs Tondowongso.
History & Education Info / March 13, 2018
There is no end if we talk about the culinary in Indonesia. Especially bakso. This food becomes a favorite dish all the people in Indonesia. Bakso is experiencing many changes.
Culinary Info / March 11, 2018