Art & Culture
Kethek Ogleng art usually appear in several festival events..
Art & Culture Info / June 29, 2018
Tourism Religion enthusiasts are almost the same as ordinary tours while on vacation.
Info Religy / June 27, 2018
The Simpang Lima Gumul Monument in Kediri, including the icon of Kediri Regency.
History & Education Info / June 25, 2018
Shopping Tourism is one of the activities that is done and is mandatory for tourists.
Info Shopping / June 23, 2018
Mount Kelud in Kediri, East Java is one of the tourist attractions that has its own history.
Info Nature / June 21, 2018
Tourist Sunflower Gardens in Kediri are always crowded with tourists.
Info Nature / June 19, 2018
Inviting children to recreation is one of the recommended activities.
History & Education Info / June 17, 2018
The best tourist attractions are various tourist attractions that always attract visitors. One of them is in the city of Kediri.
Info Nature / June 15, 2018
Kediri stores delicious culinary tours that are diverse in shape with typical Kediri flavors.
Culinary Info / June 13, 2018
Kediri is the third largest city in East Java after Malang and Surabaya.
Info Shopping / June 11, 2018