In Sub Tarokan Kediri Regency, this area is the largest cracker producer in the city of Kediri precisely in the Corner of the Bulusari Village.
Culinary Info / February 25, 2018
Kediri apparently also has a religious tour that is so famous. The location is located on Maskumambang Hill or Boncolono Hill.
Info Religy / February 23, 2018
Kediri in East Java Province has a complete culinary wealth. One of them is Tungku Fried Rice.
Culinary Info / February 21, 2018
The existence of Indonesia's dam or reservoir is usually not only has a function for flood control, hydroelectricity, or as a source of agricultural irrigation.
Info Nature / February 19, 2018
Flower garden tourism object that is filled with spots of photo instagenic in East Java has been synonymous with Malang Regency and Batu City.
Info Nature / February 9, 2018
Looking for unique places and fun to spend time on the weekend is not easy.
Info Nature / February 7, 2018
As one of the natural wealth located in Kediri Regency, East Java Province, Klotok Mountain can be called as one of the mainstay tourist destinations in the district.
Info Nature / February 5, 2018
Kediri, maybe the name of this town is not so familiar. But slowly and surely, Kediri who has the nickname Tofu City is trying to develop some tourist attractions.
Info Nature / February 3, 2018
Kediri City is well known with its historical relics. Remember in the past, there is standing one of the kingdom is quite famous that called Kediri Kingdom.
History & Education Info / February 1, 2018
This natural tourism object is actually a protected forest area of 10 hectares and the location in Jarak Village, Plosoklaten, Kediri, East Java Province.
Info Nature / January 29, 2018