Boncolono Tomb, the Religious Tourist Object on the Maskumambang Hill in Kediri

Kediri apparently also has a religious tour that is so famous. The location is located on Maskumambang Hill or Boncolono Hill. This location is a famous place for the story of Maling Gentiri. The peak of this hill there are 3 tombs of magic people in the colonial era, which is now sacred as well as a historical sights for the citizens of Kediri.

Boncolono Hill is at an altitude of about 300 mdpl and located opposite to Klotok Mountain. The hill is located in the western tip of Kediri, precisely in Waung, Sukorame, Mojoroto, Kediri, quite close to Selomagleng cave. This religious tourism is at the top of Mount Maskumambang and a pilgrimage site with a story is quite unique legend.

Short history about Mban Boncolono

It is said that, when the Dutch colonized, the people lived in misery. So even with Kediri. The Dutch acted very arbitrarily to the people by making unreasonable taxes that the Kediri people suffered in their land.

Their suffering made Mbah Boncolono wanted to defend. Assisted by Tumenggung Mojoroto, Poncolono and his powerful students, they robbed the rich Dutch meneer and distributed the loot to the public.

This is done continuously repeatedly then making Mbah Boncolono increasingly hated by the Dutch government. The Dutch were also angry at their supernatural powers, because Mbah Boncolono was hard to catch despite being besieged. In fact, Mbah Boncolono could live again after being killed.

The political strategy used by the Dutch was played. They paid dearly for anyone who can find a way to kill Mbah Boncolono, one of the weaknesses possessed by Mbah Boncolono was that after death, the body must be beheaded and buried separately by the river.

Thus, when they killed Mbah Boncolono, the Dutch buried his body in Maskumbang Hill while his head was in Ringin Sirah. This location is separated by the Brantas River and this is the ends the story of Maling Getiri.

Maskumambang Hill

This hill called Boncolono is the eastern foot of Mount Wilis and still a path with Klotok Mountain. It used to be a Chinese cemetery before being moved to Lebak. Still visible remnants of the arch to the east, north and south despite his condition has begun to erode.

When travelers want to make a pilgrimage, the travelers must prepare the energy and patience for having to go through the stairs for 30 minutes. An increasingly high ladder line will welcome the traveler. There are small stalls that can be used for a short break.

When approaching the tomb location, the location will start to heat but beautiful scenery will be seen. After that, the traveler can make a pilgrimage at the religious tourism object of Boncolono Tomb and pray solemnly because the atmosphere is so quiet.